Forgotten God
All-Church Book Study
May 14-June 4

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Forgotten God by Francis Chan

Week One-May 7, 2017

 Introduction and About the Cover

1. What background do you carry concerning the Holy Spirit?  What is your understanding and knowledge of the Holy Spirit?   

2. Discuss what your initial thoughts are regarding the Holy Spirit.  Do you think that He is the neglected member of the Trinity?  If so, why?  If not, why not? 

3. How is the Holy Spirit active in the life of FUMC, Lubbock?  How is He active in your life?   

 4. Is there a gap between what the Scriptures say about the Holy Spirit and what most believers and churches have to say and how they operate? 

5. Have you seen any examples of “Eisegesis” (“to import a subjective, preconceived meaning into the text”)?  If so, give one example.

Chapter 1 – I’ve Got Jesus.  Why Do I Need The Spirit? 

1. Have you ever read the Scriptures without just believing what others say about them?  If so, what was that like? 

2. When is the last time that you read Acts, chapter 2?  Can we experience anything like this today?  If so, how?  If not, why not? 

3. How dependent on the Holy Spirit are you?  Explain. 

4. How does our church growth really happen? 

5. What should distinguish someone who has the Spirit of God within them from the person who doesn’t?  Galatians 5

 6. What does it mean to be a “temple of the Holy Spirit?  What does that mean regarding the way you live your life? 

7. When was the last time that you undeniably saw the Holy Spirit at work in or around you? 

Chapter 2 – What Are You Afraid Of? 

1. Think about a time in your life when you were afraid (whether the fear was irrational or legitimate).  How did you feel?  How did you respond? 

2. What are some of the fears that people face?  How about your fears?  Do you have any fears regarding the Holy Spirit, such as, “What if God doesn’t show up?” 

3. What if God does show up and then asks you to go somewhere or do something that’s really uncomfortable?  Does He ask us to do uncomfortable things?  Do you obey or not? 

4. Read Luke 18:18‐30.  Who do you identify with in this situation – the rich, young ruler or the disciples, or maybe, the crowd?  Why? 

5. Would you be willing to follow the Lord, no matter how risky it would be, or is there a level at which you would cut off your willingness to risk it? 

6. What does it mean to “quench” the Holy Spirit?


Week 2- May 21, 2017

Chapter 3 – Theology of the Holy Spirit 101

1. Is there anything new in the Theology of the Holy Spirit from this chapter that you were not aware of or are freshly aware of?  Explain. 

2. In Acts, chapter 2, what do you think or imagine that it looked like when the tongues of fire appeared and came to rest on each person? 

3. Is there a difference between knowing the truth and living the truth?  Explain. 

4. What does it mean to “grieve” the Holy Spirit?  Do you think that you have ever done that?  If so, explain.  If not, explain.  How do you know that the Holy Spirit has been grieved? 

5. On pages 70 – 74, seven practical truths about the Holy Spirit, and what He does, are listed.  Of the seven, which one stands out to you and why? 

7. Take some time to reflect on the list from pages 74 – 76, and ask God to manifest an aspect of life with the Holy Spirit.  What did you discover?     

Chapter 4 – Why Do You Want Him? 

1. What are some motivations, both good and bad, for wanting the Holy Spirit in your life? 

2. What does it mean to you that each follower of Christ is given a “manifestation of the Spirit for the common good”? 

3. Why do you want to stay on earth?  Why don’t you want to die and go to heaven? 

4. Have you ever witnessed a true miracle of God?  What was the ultimate purpose of the miracle? 

5. Are you willing to surrender to God, no matter what He, through the Holy Spirit, asks of you?  Really?  Do I want to lead or be led by the Spirit? 

6. Do you believe that you were given a “manifestation of the Spirit for the common good”?  If so, explain.  If not, why not? 

7. As you consider your station in life, what do you believe is your purpose?  Why do you exist? 


Week 3- May 28, 2017

Chapter 5 – A Real Relationship

1. How would you, honestly, describe your relationship with God?  How does it feel to you?  How do you maintain it? 

2. What is the difference between “knowing God” and “knowing about God”, and where are you with this? 

3. Have you ever thought about why you need “another Comforter” (John 14:16‐17)?   How comfortable is your life, and in that comfort, how much do you really “need” God? 

4. How loud is the volume of life around you?  Is it a distraction to you?  If so, how can that be changed?  When was the last time you sat quietly with nothing around to distract you?  What was that like? 

5. Please read John, chapters 14, 15, and 16.  What did you learn from your reading?   Were you able to lessen the volume of life while doing the reading?  Explain. 

6. Have you ever thought about what it cost Jesus in order to send the promised Holy Spirit?  Discuss.     

Chapter 6 – Forget About His Will for Your Life

1. Why might it be safer to commit to following “God’s will for your life” rather than following God in what He may lead you to do today? 

2. If you were absolutely, 100 percent submitted to the will of God at this moment, what do you think He might ask you to do? 

3. Why do you think Chan says, “Forget about God’s will for (your) life?”  Do you agree or disagree?  Why? 

4. Do you desperately need the Holy Spirit?  Why or why not? 

5. What does “repentance” mean?  How have you experienced this in your life? 

6. Have you ever met that rare person who you can tell keeps in daily step with the Holy Spirit?  What was that person like? 

7. How does someone “live by the Holy Spirit?”  How do you “live by the Spirit?”    


Week 4 – June 4, 2017

 Chapter 7 – Supernatural Church 

1. If you could create the perfect church, what would it look like?  How would people act, reach out, treat one another, worship, pray, etc.? 

2. Could that perfect church discussed in question 1 be created by human strength or would it require the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish it?  Explain. 

3. How does FUMC, Lubbock depend on the Holy Spirit?  How about your small group? 

4. When people look at your life, how do you want them to see you?  How are you different from the non‐Christians around you?  What marks you as different from non‐ believers? 

5. Read Galatians 5:22‐23.  From this list, which fruit of the Spirit do you exhibit in your life?  How about your group?  How about the FUMC community?  How is it different than the world around us? 

6. How are we, at FUMC, like the early, 1st century church (Acts 2:42‐47), and how are we not like them?  What can we do to become a more Holy Spirit inspired church? 

7. What can you and your group do to live out our faith in Jesus, as a Spirit‐lead “family” within our faith community, throughout the week and not just on Sunday morning?