Methodist Movers and Shakers

People who give generously make things happen. Behind the organizations, universities, and churches that are moving forward are generous donors who believe in the mission. Movers and shakers are often confined to those who do the work, but generosity is where moving and shaking starts!

I am convinced that the mission of our church is worth our generous giving. Our mission is to create grace-filled environments in which Jesus Christ transforms lives. Transformed lives transform the world. We are touching lives within our church, and they are touching lives in our community. We are opening doors for leadership, and new groups and ministries are surfacing. We are helping children and youth discover faith. They have taken their faith to their friends, to Honduras, and to South Africa.

Let me encourage you to be a generous giver to what God is doing in and through our church. Your giving makes things happen. Every gift counts, and generosity and sacrifice inspire our leaders and volunteers.

There’s never been a better time to give to what God is doing in our church than right now, and God has us in this church to be movers and shakers. 

The “blessing of generosity” will be ours as we watch God turn our giving into tangible differences in our world.

Pastor Craig