Women’s Advent Event: Come and Feel the Hygge

Hygge, pronounced HYOO-gah, is a Danish word that doesn’t directly translate into English. Its meaning is something like cozyness, homeyness, togetherness…but it’s so much more. Hygge is a noun, something you share and appreciate. It’s also a verb, something you do together. And it has an adjective form hyggeligt (HUE-gah-lie). November 30, 2017 is the Day set aside to prepare for a different kind of advent season. During our annual Women’s Ministry Advent Event we will explore the Danish concept and practice of Hygge and understand what it is to receive the gift of comfort and community from God as well as share it with others. Join the Women’s Ministry From 10 a.m.-2 p.m. for a time of preparing for advent, lunch, and community. For more information contact satkinson@fumc.com or gashby@fumc.com. To register fill out the form below.

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