Corinne McGrath

Corinne McGrath
Administrative Assistant for Traditional Music Ministries and Communications, (806) 763-4607 ext. 241


Corinne McGrath is the administrative assistant for the Communications Department and Music and Worship. She has worked at FUMC since January 2017.

Corinne is originally from Houston and earned her BA in journalism with an English minor from Baylor University (SIC EM BEARS).

She likes to hike and be outside. She also likes reading, photography, and playing the piano. Corinne also enjoys spending time with friends and binge watching her favorite TV shows on Netflix or Hulu.

She has two younger siblings, Lauren and Collin. Her mom is Michelle and in October 2016 Michelle married Eddie Neuport.

Corinne once found a stray cat and named it Inky after her mom’s childhood cat because she thought it would help convince her mom to let her keep the cat. It worked and Inky has been living with them since 2009. 

Corinne loves Torchys’ Tacos and cannot live without the queso. Her favorite drink is coffee followed closely by more coffee. Her favorite colors are green and blue.