Second Thursday of Advent

All too often we hear what we want to hear.  We read into print what we already think.  We interpret what we see through our pre-suppositional filter until Jesus heals us from our deafness, our narrow-mindedness, and our blindness. Yes, I’m in the group in need of healing all of the above.  What Rohr calls dualistic thinking has artifacts in us once the right issue rolls around.

The filter we use is most often tied to labels we have embraced and labels we use.  Labels are quick and dirty ways to categorize people.  Labeling ourselves and living into that label--conservative, liberal, Texan, American, Democrat, Independent, etc.) is not a deep form of living and thinking. If we can put each other in a category, we may be able to deal with each other more readily.  We think if we can label people, we already know what they will say, do, write, or think..  This becomes the filter for our listening, reading, and watching others.  It’s just a form of control that America applauds. but it is control nonetheless.  Jesus calls us to love people, not control people.

Losing the labels is the beginning of spiritual formation.  Spirituality seeps underneath labels to the inner space that labels cannot touch.  Spirituality is the self discovering itself as whole, loved, forgiven, empowered, affirmed and free of labels.

As Jesus often said, “Let the person who is able to hear, listen up!”

Pastor Craig