Second Friday of Advent

I like how Rohr points out that Mary did not earn her role in the script.  She was approached by the angel, and her doubts morphed to surrender.  She was hovered over by the Spirit (literally in the Greek) and she went from being virgin to theotokos.  No special credentials.  In fact, the opposite was true for this young woman of Nazareth.

Spiritual formation is not something we earn or deserve.  It is more about being mastered by Him than mastering a set of disciplines or roles or doctrines.  The depth of self is discovered when we are opened up for a visit and a calling and a role that is not us at all…but that we sense is divine.  That was Mary’s ministry, and it was launched in grace.

Join me in opening ourselves up to God’s grace, his voice, his touch, his visit, his dealings, his transformations, his directions, and his challenges so that God’s will might land in the deepening parts of self in each of us.

Pastor Craig