Second Saturday of Advent

The challenge of this devotional reading is that there’s no place to hide.  Jesus’ call for us to let go of anxiety over “stuff” and to find strength in singleness of mind…priority of focus.  Not just any focus, but letting God’s mind direct our lives…the kingdom of God.  “Seek ye first” is easy to sing and talk about, but difficult to do, because our lives have no margin.

We are so busy and consumed that our schedules and roles and things and worries fill up our lives past the normal margins all the way to the edge of the page.  We take work home, we answer emails and messages 24/7, we stare at devices either waiting for notifications or creating them.  No down time.  Not much space to just be.  Not enough time and space to let our mind absorb the heart of God, to let our lives be directed by his love, or to let ourselves be shaped by his grace.  No margin.

This season, create some margin.  As I write this devotion, I have closed my office door, I have made time and place to read and reflect, and I have been blessed to let the fast pace of this year slow down to an intentional crawl, even if for an hour…just to create margin.

Jesus will find you in the margin!

Pastor Craig