Third Monday of Advent

Paradox is a reality of life.  Walking with Jesus will often create more paradoxes rather than resolve them.  As Rohr says, Jesus rarely answers our questions.  Instead, he “leads us right onto the horns of our own human-made dilemmas, where we are forced to meet God and be honest with ourselves.” (p. 50)  
The easy way is to ignore the paradoxes of life or pretend they don’t exist.  But to ignore the paradox is to ignore God - the Creator who is also creation - the holy one who demands righteousness and yet offers forgiveness - the one who kills and yet the one who gives life.  In the paradox we meet God.  May you engage your paradoxes this Advent. 
Reflect: What are the seemingly irresolvable paradoxes in your life?  How do you deal with them emotionally?  Intellectually? Spiritually? 

Grace and Peace,