Third Tuesday of Advent

“Once we agree to see our own shadow side, our own foolishness, our own sin and still know that God has not abandoned us, we become a living paradox that reveals the goodness of God.” (p. 51-2)
I confess that there are places in me that are perfectionistic.  Perfectionism is a form of self-righteousness whereby we try to justify (save) ourselves rather than accepting the grace of Jesus. 
The prostitutes and tax collectors knew they were beyond self-saving.  They had no illusions about where they stood before God.  Thus, they were going into the kingdom before the so called righteous. 
This form of self-righteousness is the danger of being good church people.  We must always stay in touch with our contradictions - our sin - so that we may continue to throw ourselves upon the altar of God’s grace. 
Lord Jesus - come - have mercy on us.  Amen. 
Reflect: Can you name at least one of your own inner contradictions?  Do you think God can still love you?  Can you love yourself? 

Grace and Peace,