Third Wednesday of Advent

“We all have to start by forming a self-image, but the problem is our attachment to it, our need to promote it and protect it and have other like it.” (p. 54) 
I like to present myself as a person who is competent and unaffected by the criticisms of others.  I tend to cover (protect) this image through withdrawal and subtle humor.  When others disagree with or criticize me, I tend to externally minimize while internally I am disturbed. 
This disturbance reveals the part of me that is attached to my self-image rather than the part of me that is rooted and grounded in Jesus. 
I believe that God allows our fragile self-images to be picked apart as an opportunity to replace that self-image with God’s image in us.  Thus, these moments of defensiveness can be means through which God shapes us - if we humble ourselves.

 Reflect: Which of your self-images (positive or negative) get in the way of your relationship with God?  Whenever we get defensive or go emotionally up and down, this is a sign that we are attached to a self-image.  
Grace and Peace,