Third Thursday of Advent

“The kingdom will never be a private ego possession of anyone … it is always an invitation, just enough to draw us deeper.  Just enough of God to make us want more of God, but God is always in the driver’s seat.” (p. 59)
On holiday / vacation trips Randa and I assume different roles.  She takes on the burden of packing for the children, and I do most or all of the driving.  Randa is just as good of a driver as I am, and I trust her driving with all our precious family cargo on a daily basis.  However, in those moments when she is in the driver’s seat I discover the control-freak inside of me.  I find myself tempted to tell her how to drive … “watch for that pothole” … “you are making me nervous” … “you are going a bit fast”. 
Of course, this is a two-way street (pun intended) as Randa periodically dishes out her own driving tips while I am behind the wheel! 
In our honest moments, most of us will admit that there is a control-freak inside each of us.  We all prefer to be in the driver’s seat of our lives. 
And the kingdom of God requires that we ride passenger, or maybe even in the back seat.  At first this can create anxiety.  But when we learn to trust the driver, then life actually becomes less anxious than if we ourselves were driving. 
May God give us hearts to let Him do the driving while we pay attention on the journey.
Reflect: In what ways does your goal orientation keep you from the journey to the goal itself? 

Grace and Peace,