Third Friday of Advent

“The only way that we become convinced of our own sense of power, dignity, and the power of God is by actually doing it -- by crossing a line, a line that has a certain degree of non-sensicalness and unprovability of it -- and that’s why we call it faith.  (p.62)
How do you NOT want to be remembered?  Envision your own funeral … what do you NOT want people to be saying about you? 
For me, here is one example … “Bailey was a man who always practiced common sense.  He never took a risk.  He always played by all the rules.”  He played it safe and preserved his life up to the end.  He never did anything considered dangerous.  He was always perceived highly by others and never did anything that was considered crazy.”
This eulogy speaks of a boring and faith-less life, and it is one of my fears that I will end up living a life that is too safe, predictable, and of little use to God’s kingdom.
Faith requires risk.  It involves foregoing all the safety-oriented training that has been crammed into our little brains and hearts since our parents told us not to play too close to the street.  Somewhere in life God will call you to venture out in a way whereby you have no idea how you will provide for yourself or take care of your stuff like you have in the past. 
In faith we let go of our plans so that we can open up to God’s plan.  This is both easy and hard all at the same time. 
Reflect: What actions can you take to more fully realize the power of the Spirit? 
Grace and Peace,