Third Saturday of Advent

“There are more healings of lepers than any other kind of story in the four Gospels.  Jesus is always healing lepers … he pulls them back inside of social acceptability.  That is the healing!” (p. 74)
The great exchange - Jesus touches lepers and becomes unclean, while lepers are cured and then sent either to the priest to be declared clean and therefore “acceptable” again or sent to another community altogether.  Sometimes Jesus even stands up to bullies to restore people’s standing in society.   This is love. 
Is there any decent parent who would not make this exchange with their own child?  What parent would not take their child’s cancer onto themselves?  We parents know this to be true, yet we sometimes find it hard to believe that God loves us (and others) all the same and even more! 
Yet, here is Jesus, who leaves the village to touch lepers and thus becomes unclean. 
This is love … this is the great exchange.
Reflect: Who do you know who has been rejected from your community and who you can reintroduce and thus heal? 

Grace and Peace,