First Monday of Advent

For the past several months I've been on a quest to clean out my closets and reduce the "stuff" I have collected through the years.   Over time those closets have become filled to the brim--so much so that getting dressed each morning had become a safari-like journey to locate the day's outfit!  

Perhaps you can relate?  

Our contemporary lives are much like my closets--crowded with too many activities, too many commitments, too much stuff.  All with the expectation that happiness will come if we look right, attend the right functions, and please the right people.  Perhaps it isn't the amount of stuff or the numbers of activities that need to change but our expectations surrounding them.  Perhaps it isn't the control of our lives that we need to seek, but instead, perhaps we need to simply abide in Christ Jesus.  Life is full and sometimes legitimate needs and demands create unmet expectations.  
During this advent season, let's seek a balance in which we enjoy the activity and material goods of the season, but choose to gain our joy from abiding in Jesus whose return we expect.  As we consider the Advent season, perhaps we should all consider if we have any room left in our lives for the Savior?  Consider joining me on clearing away the overabundance and making room for the Savior.

Soli Deo Gloria,