First Tuesday of Advent

One of the warm memories I have about celebrating Christmas is the "Birthday Party" we held at Agape UMC each year.  We would sing Happy Birthday to Jesus and serve a special birthday cake blowing out the candles on His behalf. Despite the appearance of the Christmas tree, the singing of carols and the enticing gifts,  I knew Christmas centered around the birth of this precious baby who was sent from heaven, appeared to the shepherds, was searched for by the magi from the East and whowould save us from our sins. 

Just as the baby Jesus would grow, we must also continually strive to grow our faith in Him and cultivate an adult understanding and trust in Him.  We must never allow ourselves to be content with an immature understanding of who Jesus is and why He came.  Instead, we must allow God to alter our image to reflect who He is rather than how we believe Him to be.  There's nothing wrong with children celebrating the Baby's birth, but as adults, we must be intentional in seeing Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah, the incarnate God who calls us to holiness and cooperation in His work in this world.  Jesus’ expectation is that we will grow in His image and use the talents He has given us.

Soli Deo Gloria,