Fourth Sunday of Advent

When I set out to seminary to attain my Masters of Divinity degree (a name that is truthfully and oxymoron, since mastering the divine is impossible), I expected that my theological education alone would bring me closer to God.  I thought that if I could learn more ABOUT God, then my faith would be greater and I would feel His presence more.  
What I learned was that while knowledge about God is important, there is no substitute for experiencing God through prayer, scripture reading, and acts of faith.  
Mary and Joseph were uneducated and not qualified by the standards of this world to bring the Son of God into this world.  But by kingdom standards they were perfect.  They were righteous, full of faith, and courage.  Roar concludes that “their only safety net was God’s love and mercy, a safety net they must have tried out many times, or else they would never have been able to fall into it so gracefully.” (p. 69)
Most of us know enough about God to be a part of his kingdom … what we need is a willingness to trust him when He calls us to do the unconventional.

Reflect: In what ways do you trust your own inner authority?  Do you fear you are being rebellious if you do so?  Were Mary and Joseph rebellious? 

Grace and Peace,