Christmas Eve

The Kingdom of God is a past promise seen from Genesis throughout the Old Testament, a current reality and at the same time, a future hope. As we celebrate Christmas we are reminded that in Christ, both the prophecy and the promise was fulfilled. With Christ's birth, ministry, death and resurrection, we were called into an adventure rooted in the love of God and His call on our lives to be imitators of Christ.  We live in the Kingdom knowing that we have the promise that we will do greater things than He, not in our own power, but, in trusting dependence on the God who supplies all our needs and equips us for every good work.  Rorh reminds us that it is not we who provide for God, but, God who provides for us.  We celebrate the gift of Christ and in response to the gratitude we feel we offer ourselves to the work of the Kingdom. J. S. Bach signed many of his musical manuscripts Soli Deo Gloria; To the Glory of God Alone. May we live each day to the Glory of God Alone, as we eagerly await the final fulfillment of His Kingdom. Merry Christmas.
Soli Deo Gloria,