Second Monday of Advent

Come to me, all you who are digitally weary, and I will give you rest.

I can picture Jesus voicing that today…perhaps in a tweet.  Perfect place.  Because he knows that the weary ones…most of us…have so let ourselves be valued by the model of our cell phone, the size of our hard drives, the speed of our wifi, or the number of apps we use.

In the midst of that digital, electronic frenzy we push for how many things we can do, conversations we can carry on, and information we can master all by sitting in one place and using our fingers on our devices.  We feel lonely without a constant stream of notifications, and we feel exhausted by them at the same time.  And there’s a weird sense of withdrawal and disconnectedness that happens when our batteries are down to 0%.  Odd.  That’s exactly the measurement of the soul too!

Jesus’ birth marked a new way to measure value.  It’s not digital.  It’s just love.  Powerful, lasting, deep, and satisfying love.  That’s what came into the world.  That’s what the light consists of…the light that darkness cannot beat.  And that’s why Jesus’ tweet promises us rest from our misplaced values.  Real rest comes when we let God’s love speak into us through his Son.  There is wisdom and acceptance and mercy and hope and growth…all built into a device we call prayer where our spirits connect with His Spirit and he tells us “you are my child!”

Turn off your device for awhile.  Fast from your electronics and information.  Just let spirit connect with Spirit, and refuel!

Pastor Craig