Second Wednesday of Advent

Light and dark are symbols taken from the real world to help us interpret that same real world. The darkness of destructive evil is too real; we see it’s trail of devastation each day in the news. We repent of it in our own lives as sin surfaces in each of us. And we let the Spirit filter out that darkness by his sanctifying power.

Darkness is the only place light has to go! Philosophically, they must both exist. Darkness sprints out of the room when light appears. And when the Light was born, darkness got ready to run…on your mark, get set… Jesus birth, life, and cross did not rid the world of darkness, but he became the Light that was powerful enough to win.

I think this is always both a personal and a community question. We must let Light win in us if we are to be shaped by grace into servants and leaders. And we must invite Light to chase away social darknesses such as terrorism, poverty, and human trafficking lest we think that the Light only came for us.

What darknesses have we yet to let the Christ child uncover in us? In our families? In our businesses? In our structures and community? How can we let light win in us today, even to the point that chronic darkness becomes obsolete and powerless? How can this season be used by the Spirit to bring light into dark corners of social injustice?

Pastor Craig