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Helping Hand Ministry is a new ministry at FUMC. We will work in partnership with a local organization, Backyard Missions, helping elderly homeowners make their homes dry and safe. Homeowners have applied for assistance, and have been approved based on financial need.  

Items of work include:

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·       scraping and painting the exterior of homes
·       installing exterior doors
·       installing storm windows
·       caulking
·       replacing siding tiles
·       installing locks on doors
·       rebuilding a porch
·       installing storm doors
·       rebuilding a bathroom floor
·       replacing broken window glass
·       plus other miscellaneous items

No experience is necessary for any of this work.  People who have the knowledge will be there and you will learn as you go.

We will meet at the church at 8:30 a.m., have doughnuts and coffee, then break up into teams and go to the houses. Lunch will be provided. We’ll be working all day, however if you can only work part of the day that’s fine as well. This is a great opportunity to be in fellowship with one another, help people in need here in Lubbock, and meet some wonderful people from our church.

If you have these items, or are willing to purchase and bring any of these items, please do so.  Dollar General or Big Lots usually has a good supply of these items.

·       paintbrush, or paint roller and roller cover, and roller pan, and a basic scraper
·       work gloves

If you have these items please bring them:

·       Cordless drill
·       Step stool
·       Caulk gun
·       Basic tools

Questions, please call Frank Phillips (806) 317-9099, or Kathy Phillips (806) 787-3600

Childcare provided with advanced reservation.

Please sign up by September 23, 2019.