Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours and dates of PDO?

Classes are offered from 8:45am to 2:45pm on Tuesday and Thursday with the option for extended care until 5:30pm. We have 3 semesters: the Fall semester that runs from September to December, the spring semester that runs from January to May and the summer semester that runs from mid-June to mid-August. PDO's calendar typically follows the Lubbock ISD school calendar.

What kind of curriculum do you use?

The goal of our program is to offer a safe and nurturing Christian environment for children. We emphasize social experiences and age-appropriate learning activities to enhance physical health and development. We believe that children develop continuously through a series of stages at their own individual paces. Children need a place to be themselves and a place to work. Their play is their work, it is how they learn. For this reason our curriculum includes teacher-initiated (structured) activities, free-play (child selected,) large and small muscle activities, and time for social interaction. Children are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills through choice making, problem solving, and discovery learning.

What age children do you serve?

We serve children ranging in age as young as 6 weeks through preschool. Our teachers and director are certified in Infant and Child CPR and 1st Aid.

What is the teacher to child ratio?

Kids First values the importance of a child's individual development and maintains a low teacher to child ratio. 

Teacher:Child Ratio Age Range
1:4   6 weeks - 12 months 
1:6 12 - 24 months 
1:8 24 - 36 months 
1:10 Early preschool (3 years)
1:12 Preschool (4 years)

Our teachers and director have strong backgrounds and training in childcare and child development. Our teachers and director are certified in Infant and Child CPR and basic First Aid.

What can I expect for a daily schedule?

Each classroom’s schedule varies due to the age of the group. However, a typical day might include: free play, a craft, manipulative activities, story time, circle time, and music class, chapel, playground, and an outing in the 6-person stroller for the children younger than 24 months. Each class plans daily lesson plans with age appropriate activities.

Do I need to send a snack or sack lunch?

Parents send their child's snacks, lunch and drinks for those eating table food. Parents also provide their own formula and water for bottle-fed infants.

What about nap time?

A rest period is included in your child's schedule. The rest period takes place after lunch until approximately 2:00. Your child is not required to sleep. However each child is expected to remain quiet, stay on their nap mat, and respect their friends by not disturbing or waking their classmates.