Prayer as Listening

I have had several long driving trips this past year. When driving down a long flat open road alone there is a lot of time and not a lot to do. I would listen to audio books and music but there came a time when that would even feel like just noise. So I would turn everything off and just listen to wheels on the road. I quickly realized that as my mind settled into the quietness I began to think about prayer and how to talk with God. I would think of, or speak a thought and let my mind and heart focus on how God was at work in my life in that area. I was able in the quietness to listen and reflect on all the ways God was at work that I could not see or hear during the busyness and the noise of everyday life.

To listen to God's work in our lives and to be reminded of his presence around us is part of being in conversation. If we consider prayer conversation with God, we need to remember that listening is a piece of that.

My challenge to you this week is to consider what would it take and what would it look like if you were able to get away from all of the noise. To find time to just focus in on listening and reflecting on how God is at work and moving in your life. What do you need to hear from God? 

“God we come before you asking that you quiet the noise around us and give us the opportunity to be still and to hear from you. To understand what you have done and what you are doing in our lives. Speak to us in new ways and help us to hear what it is you are calling us to do. In Jesus name we pray, amen.”

Sara Lattimore
Director of Missions