Prayer Brings Us to God

In one of John Wesley’s letters he explained prayer as “the grand means of drawing near to God” which to me means that prayer brings us back to God individually and collectively as a church. As Christians, our greatest desire should be to live holy lives that moves us to pray so that we can continually be connected to the one who makes us holy. Prayer isn’t just an activity—it’s also an attitude that enables us to be on the lookout for God each and every day.

 This past summer I took a group of teens and adults to the Wenimuche Wilderness in Colorado for a five day backpacking trip. There comes a time on every backpacking trip I’ve taken where the view opens up and it not only takes your breath away, but it helps you to realize that not only did God create this, but He created it for me, for us, and He wants us to draw closer to His presence. We spent one night camping by a lake that was around 12,500 above sea level and in an absolutely gorgeous setting. Being an early riser, when I got up the next morning before the rest of the group I walked down to the lake with my chair to take in our surroundings. The lake was completely calm, the sun was beginning to rise, the birds were singing and I could see some deer across the lake taking a morning drink and there were elk up on the ridge above me. 

 It was a breathtaking sight and I was reminded of Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God.” I’m grateful that God shows Himself to us in so many different ways and that He provides a way for us to connect to Him. When you pray give Him time to speak to you. Spill out your heart. Let Him be your counselor and your guide. If we really want to encounter God it’s important that we encounter the reality of the moment. We encounter His loving kindness and we realize that love never forsakes us—it is always there. That’s the reason as we begin to live in Him and allow His love to live within us we discover a happiness that cannot be taken away from us. As one of my favorite authors, Oswald Chambers puts it: “It is the most natural thing to be like the person you live with, therefore live most with Jesus Christ; be absorbingly taken up with Him. Be simply and directly and unmistakably His today.” 

Rev. Kirk Dana
Pastor for Youth Ministry