Communication with God

As I listened to the news this morning while getting ready for the day, I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming sadness for the people in California who are losing everything.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where God is in all the death and destruction. Sometimes no matter how much we cry out to Him, it may seem like He is not there. Sometimes we get angry at God and we feel alone. We don’t understand why these devastating events happen, whether it’s something happening to many people, or it’s something that happens to us personally. I know God is faithful, and He wants to hear from us. God wants us to have a relationship with Him. It’s very difficult to have a relationship when there is no communication.

Praying to God along with studying scripture is how we build a relationship with God. He wants our confession, He wants our praise. Sometimes it’s hard to admit when we are wrong, but we can also know God forgives us. Sometimes it’s hard to find something to praise Him for, but even if it’s just the little things, be thankful for those little things. Be thankful you have a warm place to sleep and food on the table. Be thankful for your family and friends. God knows our hearts, but He wants to hear from us. Praise Him for always being faithful. Communication is key to relationship and God wants us to come to Him for all the hurt and for all the small blessings. He wants us to be in communication with Him.

Karen Flores
Director of Communications