Storm Faith

Jesus how did you stare down the storms?
How did you calm the seas?
How did you rest while the others were in panic?
How did you walk over the wind-blown waves?
How did you know when to evacuate
and when to stand your ground?
How did you not give in to the winds of temptation?
How did you squall-proof your house? Your soul?
How did you remain secure in the rising tide of opposition?
How did you push back against the waves of injustice and hate?
How did you ride a donkey into the teeth of the tempest?
How did you face your cross-shaped storm?

Give us a storm faith today.
Teach us the depth and unfailingness of the Father’s love.
Raise up such a passion for His kingdom
That storms become opportunities,
That threats are to be expected,
That as sure as waves will calm, love will win,
That we discover we never ride out storms alone,
That torrents are meant to shape our faith…
Give us a storm faith today!


– W. Craig Curry