Prayer Blog

Welcome to our new Prayer Blog. It is my prayer that you return to this page week after week and that it helps each of us to grow in our faith and prayer life. Have you ever asked yourself about the priority you place on prayer or the faith you have that God both hears and answers our prayers? Most of us would agree at least intellectually that prayer is a critical component to a relationship with God. However, the true answer is often revealed in the time we spend in prayer and in our first response to everyday life. Is our first response to the morning a prayer of thanksgiving and surrender to God’s will or the urge to turn on the TV? When trouble comes or decisions need to be made do we call upon God or phone a friend first?

There is often a disconnect between what we say about prayer and what we do. This may be because we have wrong expectations about prayer, a lack of teaching, a lack of practice or a limited experience with prayer. Most of us are comfortable with prayers of gratitude or blessing at mealtime or with intercessory prayer through which we ask for help for those we love. Far fewer of us are comfortable with praying scripture, developing prayer habits, prayers of surrender or sitting with God to listen for His direction. But for prayer to be effective, it must be practiced!

The good news is that when we pray we are engaging in a practice shared by Christians throughout the world and we can learn from one another. Every Monday, a member of the FUMC staff will post a prayer or their thoughts about prayer and we hope that you will respond by writing your own prayer, listing a prayer concern, sharing an answer to prayer or responding with your thoughts about our post. Jack Taylor wrote that when men and women work, they work…but when men and women pray God works and nothing can defeat the work of God! Please join with our staff in leading FUMC to be a church of prayer.

Shera Atkinson