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First United Methodist Church is excited to announce the Stewardship Campaign for 2019, “All In”. Our stewardship campaign is our annual effort to raise funds to support our operational budget for the upcoming year. These funds are critical in helping the church achieve its mission of creating a grace-filled community where Jesus Christ transforms lives. This year, I challenge each of our members to evaluate how they can be All In with FUMC, Lubbock.

Being All In looks different for each one of us. For our family, being All In is being engaged through the church with ourselves and our children. Amber and I officially started our journey here by joining together in 2010 and being married here in 2012. We have also been blessed to see both of our children, Madeleine and Harrison, baptized here. For our children, this is the only church home they have ever known. Often Madeleine is the one who shows us how to be All In with her excitement and joy in learning about Jesus Christ, and what the messages she learns mean to her. Her excitement is multiplied when she gets to bring her baby brother to his classroom and show him what she has done during Sunday school. All In for our children is a safe place with wonderful volunteers who show them the love of Jesus Christ. 

Amber and I have become more involved in the church throughout the years. We have had the opportunity to serve in leadership roles within the church and be challenged by these roles. Our Sunday school class has been a place for us to explore our faith within a community. Worship service inspires and refreshes us leading into the week. All In for us is a community where we are inspired, challenged and transformed through Jesus Christ. 

All of these opportunities to be transformed through Jesus Christ require our commitment to support them. Our gifts allow the clergy and staff to create an environment where we can be a community that is transformed every day. Whether you are a new guest or a long-time member, there are opportunities for each of us to be more engaged, more present, and more open to receiving God’s love. I have never been more excited to be a part of this church. There has never been a better time to be a part of First United Methodist Church of Lubbock. I hope you will join me this year and truly be All In.

– By Jarrod Miller
Stewardship Committee Chair


Jarrod Miller
2019 Stewardship Campaign Chair 

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