Bible Studies

Explore and Register for your Bible Study by contacting Shera Atkinson via the Contact Page.

We study the Bible BECAUSE?

  • It is essential to our understanding not only of God, but ourselves as well.

  • Without God’s Word, we will be purposeless and disrupted from our call and the purpose for our salvation.

  • When we base our lives on the Word of God, then Christ can create His work in us by the power of the Spirit!

  • New Bible Studies

Continue your journey with God as our new Bible studies begin. For general questions about our Bible studies, please contact Dr. Shera Atkinson at or 763-4607 ext. 240, or Gloria Ashby at or 763-4607 ext. 222. 

For more information about Bible studies and registration, please click on the specific study below.

Bible Studies:

Epic of Eden - Isaiah - begins Thursday, March 7, 9:30 a.m., OR Wednesday, March 20, noon


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