Traditional Worship Services


Why 8:30?   The answer is not as simple as it sounds. There are actually several layers that lead to the answer.

First: we are traditionalists at heart and there is a comfort level that beckons us to sing the traditional hymns with the set format of litany, prayers, and readings.  We're carried to simpler time when we abandon the magnificent pipe organ and lay out the melody on the piano.

Second: There is a special feeling of family at this early service.  The people that come this early are so welcoming. The handshakes are firm, the hugs are warm, and the smiles beam like the warm sunrises just outside the door.

Third: It gives us a good feeling of having had an opportunity to worship and pray before we head to Sunday school to study the Word.

There you have it.  Tradition, family, preparation, and coffee to set the day.  8:30 Connect is the service that helps us get Sunday off to the right start.

Location: Sanctuary


At the 11:00 a.m. service, singing is led by our exceptional Chancel Choir, a group of ninety people that has toured all over the world. This choir is one of the finest church choirs in the country.

Our traditional services also feature music by our hand bell groups, vocal soloists, a brass ensemble and other instrumental musicians; and our organist leads hymn singing on the wonderful Forrest Memorial Pipe Organ.

On the first Sunday of the month we join in Holy Communion.

Our services offer great opportunities to experience the presence of God, meet the members of our church and hear about our many ministries. Our services are for all ages and families are encouraged to come and worship together. A nursery is provided. 

Location: Sanctuary