A gift of stocks or bonds is welcomed.  Significant tax advantages may be achieved by transferring ownership of appreciated stocks or bonds to the FUMC EVERLIVING CHURCH TRUST in lieu of cash during the donor’s lifetime.


A potential gift of stocks/bonds should be discussed with the donor’s financial advisor/broker and qualified tax professional. The donor completes the brokerage’s standard transfer forms and obtains the required witnessed/notarized signatures and returns to the brokerage. The brokerage will forward the partially completed form to the FUMC Business Manager to complete FUMC ELCT’s portion and returns to the donor’s brokerage for processing. When the donor’s brokerage has transferred the stock, the brokerage will prepare necessary IRS forms documenting the gift and FUMC will send a written acknowledgement of the gift to the donor.

A gift of stock/bonds as a bequest in a will can be handled similarly with the will’s executor working with the brokerage and FUMC to implement this process.